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Ronald's highly biased restaurant recommendations for München.

The following recommendations for restaurants are purely subjective, based on my personal experience. Please feel free to send comments to ronaldf@eml.cc.

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Adria Algarve Campanula Diyar El Español La Famiglia Friuliana Ha Long Die gute vietnamesische Mama Meson Galicia Mövenpick Namaskar Nigiste-Saba Paulaner Bräuhaus Sankt Wenzel Satluj Şato Seven Fish Sushi Sano Sushi+Soul Swagat


Leopoldstraße 19
MVV: U3, U6, 54, 154 (Giselastraße)

Good and surprisingly inexpensive Italian restaurant.


As I was told, the Algarve unfortunately is closed right now. Rumour has it that the owner intends to open a new restaurant under a new name, not far from the old one. Please send me an email if you know more on this.


Gabelsbergerstraße 46
MVV: U2, U8 (Theresienstraße), 20, 21 (Sandstraße)

Despite its European name - in German and English, it denotes a flower; in Greek, it has the meaning of little bell -, this is a genuine Japanese restaurant, but with a twist: The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Kaneshiro, offer what is best describe as "tasty home cooking", and the tiny dining room emphasizes the impression that you are guest in a private house instead of being in a restaurant. Consequently, many dishes show clear influence of Western cooking, although adapted to Japanese style - such as han-bu, the Japanese version of Hamburger.


Wörthstraße 10
MVV: 15, 19, 25 (Wörthstraße)

Extensive menu, good quality. I have never been disappointed.

El Español

Pariser Straße 46
MVV: S1-8, DB, U5, 19, 54, 55, 100, 145, 152, 155, 159, 9410, N19, N45 (Ostbahnhof); 15, 25 (Wörthstraße)

Nice and not very expensive place with good cocktails and a large selection of dishes.

La Famiglia

Tal 41
MVV: S1-8, 17, 18, 131, N17 (Isartor)

My favorite Italian in town. You really feel as if being in a family. Despite its size, the atmosphere is cozy, dishes and wine are excellent. Try the surprise menu - you won't be disappointed!
Note: Quality has its price. This restaurant is priced a bit (not much!) above average.


Zenettistraße 43
MVV: U3, U6, 131, 132, N33 (Poccistraße)

You wouldn't expect such a place of such a low price and such a high quality in this hidden spot of München! Enjoy the dishes, a chat with the owner of the place about his selection of wines.

Ha Long

Goethestraße 68
MVV: 58 (Beethovenplatz); U3, U6, N40 (Goetheplatz)

Price level a bit above average, quality of food well above average. My favorite dessert: Banana cooked in coconut milk.


Sankt Bonifatius Straße 6
MVV: 15, 25, 27, N27 (Ostfriedhof)

Remember when you were a kid, and you came home and you mum was already waiting in the kitchen with freshly made Goi Cuon as a starter and Karamelisiertes Wammerl to fill up your tummy? You can get this feeling again by dining at Mama. The interior is so spartanic that one hesitates calling it a restaurant, but the quality of the food is hard to beat.
Ask the lovely owner of the place, wheather she has, by chance, got any potatoes, and if she does, ask her to prepare Golden Schwein for you (yes, the spelling is correct); and when you order for dessert the fruit salad (only fresh, exotic fruits), you will file like heaven...

Meson Galicia

Elisabethstraße 36
MVV: U2, U8, 12, 27, 53, N27 (Hohenzollernplatz)

"Delicious" is an understatement. Though not exactly inexpensive, you definitely should try out this cozy place, which is located just round the corner of Nigiste-Saba. As for the wines, you can safely trust the recommendations of the friendly waitress.


Lenbachplatz 8
MVV: 19, N19, N33 (Lenbachplatz); S1-8, U4, U5, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, N17, N20, N27, N40 (Stachus)

Slightly high-priced and a bit fashionable, but good cooking. I recommend in particular the Sunday brunch.


Rosenheimerstraße 113a
MVV: 54, 55, 145, 152, 155, N45 (Orleansstraße), S1-8, 15, 25 (Rosenheimer Platz)

Small and cozy restaurant with tasty dishes and friendly service.


Tengstraße 31
MVV: U2, U8, 12, 27, 53, N27, N41 (Hohenzollernplatz)

You have to eat with your fingers, because you don't get any cutlery. This is the ideal place to go with your kids (and to lure them away from McD & Co). WARNING: If you are into spicy dishes, you really have to insist that you would like the meal hot and spicy, otherwise you won't get it!

Paulaner Bräuhaus

Kapuzinerplatz 5
MVV: 58 (Kapuzinerplatz-Arbeitsamt)

My favorite place for introducing Bavarian food to foreigners. The restaurants operates its own brewery and the beer is delicious. It features also a nice beer garden and a library (i.e. a room where you can dine with books).

Sankt Wenzel

Amalienstraße 20
MVV: 100 (Von der Tann Straße), 27 (Pinakotheken)

A very pleasant way to increase body weight.


Wörthstraße 9
MVV: 15, 19, 25 (Wörthstraße)

Even Indians confirm that the food here is tasty (though unfortunately not hot&spicy, even if you ask for it)


Häberlstraße 1
MVV: U3, U6, 58, N40 (Goetheplatz)

One of my alltime favorites - I go there about every second week. Well, maybe I'm a bit biased because I happen to live just opposite the street; but at least you have to try the delicious Ezme salad.

Seven Fish

Gärtnerplatz 6
MVV: 52, 152 (Gärtnerplatz)
Fish, fish, fish! Creative compositions of everything which lives in our seas. High in quality and price, with added entertainment value due to the waiters. Only negative point: The typical 7fish client seems to smoke 7cigarettes per evening. Why don't people realize that the smoke of a cigarette kills the delicious taste of the meals? When I want to have smoked fish, I will order one! Note: Reserving a table is advisable.

Sushi Sano

Josephspitalstraße 4
MVV: S1-8, U4, U5, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, N17, N19, N20, N27, N40 (Stachus); U3, U6, 27, 52, 152 (Sendlinger Tor)

Owner Takaaki Sano offers sushi for a fairly acceptable price. It sure is no accident that many Japanese frequent this place. Fair warning: It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find in München any high quality sushi at all, which would really satisfy the Sushi connaisseur, but at least I was told by Japanese friends, that this place were better than the typical Sushidromes in our town.


Klenzestraße 71
MVV: U1, U2, U7, 27, N27 (Fraunhoferstraße)

Excellent: The Bento box and the cocktails. As not unusual for Japanese dishes of good quality, you will spend more for the food than in typical German restaurants, but then go during Happy Hour, which applies not only to cocktails, but also to the Bento menu. The main disadvantage of this otherwise very good place is that - not the least because of the background music, which should be better called foreground music, the average noise level is pretty high.


Prinzregentenplatz 13
MVV: U4, 54, 100, 159 (Prinzregentenplatz)

Very good and friendly place, right opposite the Prinzregententheater.

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